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At Lynked, we enjoy hosting private parties and creating memorable experiences! Birthday parties, bridal showers, social and corporate events, fundraisers, holiday celebrations, kids’ parties, and more! To book your event, call us at (734) 325-9001 or fill out the form below to request a party time.

We’re keeping the Beading and Bonding fun alive in the comforts of your home (or other designated location), now with Off-site beading events! When you host your own Lynked Off-site private party, we promise you’ll have so much fun creating memories and connecting with others! When you sign up for an off-site Lynked event, we decorate the space and provide step by step instructions from one of our enthusiastic instructors and you get the joy of beading and bonding— all from the comfort of your home (or other designated location). Note: Off-site events are available only in selected geographies, call or email us to confirm whether this option is available in your area.

What is a Lynked Off-site event?

Our Lynked Off-site events are where you’ll be able to host an event in the comforts of your home (or other designated location). We will decorate the space with our signature Lynked colors and supplies (additional items are available for additional cost) and the event will be presented by one of our instructors! It’s just like a regular in-studio Lynked event, except we bring the party to you. All supplies will be brought to the event.

How it works?

We require a minimum of 6 guests for your private off-site event! Private parties are booked for a two-hour session at $35.00 per person. Promotional pieces require an additional charge. Children’s parties, age 8-12, can be booked at $25.00 per person for a two-hour session. Sorry no infants, toddlers or young children. All guests must be 18 and above on evenings after 7pm.

Parties should be booked at least two weeks ahead of time and require a 2-seat deposit, plus travel fee to hold your date. This deposit will be applied to the total guest count. Submit the form below and we will get back to you right away! Note: Your party is not officially booked until your deposit is collected.

What do I need for a Lynked Off-site event?

To participate in a Lynked Off-site event, you’ll need a lighted space with table and chairs, some snacks and beverages (a glass of wine is always fine), Lynked will provide all the other materials including Lynked setup decorations (refer to our off-site decoration list below).

How do I book and pay for a Lynked Off-site virtual live event?

Hosting your Lynked Off-site private event:
The party host will reserve the desired day & time with a deposit on a credit card which represents 2 seats.  A party can be booked Fridays with a start time between 5pm to 7pm, Saturdays with a start time between 10am to 7pm and Sundays with a start time between 12pm to 5 pm.  There is a 7 day cancellation notice: Deposit will be forfeited after this time. Deposit will also be used if the minimum of 6 guests isn’t met at the time of the party. Individuals can pay the host **, who then pays in one lump sum one week (7 days) prior to the party, or your guests may use the link to the party invite we provide, to register and pay online (service fees will apply). When using the link, all guests must be paid one week (7 days) prior to the party date. Please call if you have any questions or need help registering your guests.

1) Decide on the date and time you would like to hold your private party.
2) Call or email to check on the availability of the date and time and fill out a Private Party request form on our website to get you started.
3) If the date and time is available, request to move forward with the booking. We will email you a Party Agreement to return to Lynked AND a 2-seat deposit and $50 travel fee is required to hold it on the calendar. Note: Your party is not officially booked until your deposit is collected.
4) Once you return the Party Agreement AND the 2-seat deposit, we will send you a link to your party invitation for your guests and your event is on our calendar!
5) Select the bracelet you are making and provide your party information when prompted.  Bracelet selection is due a minimum of 7 days prior to the party, however the sooner we receive your selection the better.  Charms are available for an additional $5 per bracelet.
6) Payment for the remaining guests’ balances is due a minimum of 7 days prior to the party to keep it on the calendar.  Sorry, no personal checks.

All parties begin promptly at the scheduled time, for that reason; please have your guests arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time to allow time for checking in. We allow ourselves a 30-minute grace period at the beginning and end of the party for set up and break down of the space. An additional fee of $50 dollars may be added to your cost if your guests fail to arrive by the time the party starts (if this impacts the two-hour allotted time), or if your group exceeds the 30-minute grace period at the end of the party.  If host needs additional time beyond the 30 minutes grace period, an additional $50 travel fee is available.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least a two weeks (14 days) notice if you should need to cancel. If you fail to give us at least a two-week (14 days) notice from your scheduled date, your deposit will not be refunded.  If you cancel 24 hours or less from an event no refunds are given, and a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.  If you cancel two weeks or more before your scheduled event, you will receive a full refund minus a credit card transaction fee.

Fun Idea for All

Whether you are having a social party with family and friends, a company event, a social organization gathering or fundraiser, make sure your next party is at Lynked! Creating Lynked bracelets relieves stress, boosts creativity, and is a fun activity for all ages while also providing an opportunity to connect and create lasting memories. We can host your event at any time — morning, afternoon, or evenings on the weekend.  Are you ready to connect and engage at your very own Lynked event at home?  Begin by completing the form below.


Lynked Off-Site decorations

What’s included?
Decorations: Tablecloths, table runners, bead trays, 2 retractable signs, Lynked selfie signs and beading supplies.
Chair covers – $2 per chair
Sashes – $2 per chair
Tables (2) 6ft – $5 per table
Step and Repeat Sign – $15 


Kit Distribution options
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