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Where creativity meets connection

Welcome to Lynked!

At Lynked, we specialize in bringing people together through the art of beading. Our unique experience is more than just crafting; it’s about creating connections and memories, one bead at a time. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply spend quality time with friends and family, Lynked offers a relaxing and joyful environment where your creativity can flourish. With no prior beading experience required, our events are perfect for everyone looking to add a touch of creativity to their gatherings. Join us at Lynked, where every bead strung is a bond strengthened and a memory cherished.

Occasions to Get Lynked

Birthday Parties
Team Building
Sorority and Group Events
Girls Night
Fundraisers and Awareness Events

Discover The Joy Of Creative Connection

Memories Created One Bead At A Time -Memories Created One Bead At A Time - Memories Created One Bead At A Time - Memories Created One Bead At A Time
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